Commercial Law


Our services in relation to commercial property sales include:

  1. pre-contract negotiations;

  2. setting up partnerships;

  3. acquiring companies;

  4. drawing contracts;

  5. conducting searches of records of relevant government departments and rating authorities;

  6. assisting with transfer of required licences;

  7. preparation of documents as necessary to transfer ownership;

  8. arranging payment of duties;

  9. arranging settlements with other parties and financial institutions; and

  10. attending to registration of transfers or leases while also attending to specific requirements of clients.  


In relation to commercial leases, our service include:


On behalf of Landlords

  1. preparing leases on behalf of land owners;

  2. ensure compliance with the procedures set out by legislation; and

  3. attend to obtaining necessary consents from mortgagees and government departments.

On behalf of tenants, conduct investigations in relation to:  

  1. the ownership of the property;

  2. the state of the property;

  3. licences or permits required to effect the transaction; and

  4. licences or permits particular requirements of individual client.


Frank Jongkind & Co also:


  1. advises clients regarding the available structures to conduct businesses and the general features of those structures;

  2. prepares partnership deeds that reflect the individual needs of the proposed partners;

  3. advise as to the benefits, the duties, and the obligations of the partners;

  4. encourages the partners to have their documents deal with areas of potential concern;

  5. procures companies structured to meet the particular requirements of the parties wishing to acquire them as well as providing practical advice adapted to the function for which the company is needed;

  6. attends to lodgement of ASIC forms if required by our clients; and

  7. advises in regard to issues arising within companies including disputes within the board or between shareholders and the board.


Frank Jongkind & Co do not give financial advice or taxation advice but can tailor structures to comply with the financial and taxation advice obtained by our clients.