Our Firm

Frank Jongkind & Co is different from other law firms serving the area, as the practice has had a proud history of serving the legal needs of South West Queensland and has been committed to Charleville, its people and businesses since 1942.


Frank Jongkind & Co is set apart by its experience, staff, service and knowledge of the area. The staff are local residents and dedicated to meeting the legal needs of their neighbours throughout South West Queensland.


Frank Jongkind & Co is a general practice doing a broad range of work for individuals, businesses and local governments. It is committed to providing the highest quality of legal services to every client across its areas of practice.  


Frank Jongkind & Co prides itself on putting 100% into every case. Frank Jongkind & Co has no limits, no case is too big or small, and each case is seen as important as the next. Ensuring that you receive all of the attention needed to give you peace of mind in the knowledge that, by seeing Frank Jongkind & Co, you have taken the first step towards a successful outcome.