Practice Areas

Frank Jongkind & Co is a general practice covering many areas of legal advice and assistance.
The following is not a complete list of our services but an indication of some of the work we do regularly


Frank Jongkind & Co has a combined experience of more than 49 years in Conveyancing and has extensive local knowledge of South West Queensland.


We offer professional conveyancing services at a competitive fixed price for the following transactions:


  • purchase and sale of residential properties;

  • purchase and sale of commercial properties; and

  • purchase and sale of rural properties.


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Powers of Attorney

Power of attorney is the legal power to make decisions on someone else's behalf.  If you appoint a person as your attorney, that person will have the power to do, for you, anything you could lawfully do yourself, except for special personal/health matters such as voting at an election or making a will, etc.


A Power of attorney is useful in circumstances in which you may be unable to make decisions yourself.  For example, you may be overseas, or you may be too ill.


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Commercial Law

Frank Jongkind & Co has a combined experience of more than 38 years in Commercial Law. 


We have acted for both the sellers and the buyers of all kind of business, incuding:


  1. retail shops;

  2. hotels;

  3. caravan parks; and

  4. postal agencies.


We have also acted for both landlords and tenants in relation to retail shops leases, leases of grazing properties, trustee leases and other type of commercial leases.


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Wills and Estates

A will is a legal document by which you appoint a person or persons (executors) to manage your property and distribute them in accordance with your wishes after you die. 


A will provides certainty that your property will be taken care of by a person or persons you trust and that your property will only be given to a person or persons you wish to inherit your property. 


In addition to drawing a will, we can also act for executors in distributing your assets in accordance with your will. 


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Property Law

​Frank Jongkind & Co has a combined experience of more than 38 years in representing and advising property owners in matters such as:


  1. neighbourhood disputes;

  2. guarantees and indemnities;

  3. property securities and mortgages;

  4. rights and obligations of property owners;

  5. transfers of land;

  6. easements;

  7. compulsory acquisitions of land; and

  8. applications for purchase of Crown Land


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Frank Jongkind & Co is available to act at a competitive price as a town agent for you in Charleville in these areas of law:


  1. Conveyancing;

  2. Family Law;

  3. Criminal Law;

  4. Civil Litigation (including enforcement hearings)


Please contact us if you require an agent in Charleville.